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IELTS Preparation Course (Free Online IELTS Preparation 2023) . Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023 from the University of Queensland attracts brilliant students who have a passion for taking IELTS on their first attempt. This course will help you get the high bands in IELTS. The IELTS online preparation will provide you with the relevant material for the test. The comprehensive and self-paced course will cover the following sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This IELTS course will comprise 8 weeks in which you have to spend 5 to 10 hours a week. You can track your learning and progress at your own pace. The experts will help you how to attempt the sections to get good bands in each section.

IELTS Preparation Course (Free Online IELTS Preparation 2023)

The IELTS Academic Test Preparation opportunity through Queensland University is one of the outstanding opportunities that prove to be a path to scale ILETS. In this course, you will learn about the procedure of the IELTS test and its formatting. You will learn about the appropriate test-taking strategies and the skills required to attempt the IELTS test. This landmark course will develop your skills in English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. This course will encompass each and everything an individual requires to get the good bands without paying any penny to the IELTS preparatory institutes or tutors.

The online IELTS course will assist you in the form of presentations in which you will get familiar with the techniques required to pass the IELTS exam. Moreover, there will be extensive learning of exercises and interactive activities that will help you in performing your best part. Considering your ease and your area of focus, you can select the section you want to prepare for the test or complete all course units in a sequence. Further, if you select verified enrolment in this fully funded IELTS course, you will get additional access to the materials, provided by the IELTSx course team.


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Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023 from the University of Queensland:

Host University:

  • University of Queensland, Australia.

Mode of Conduct:

  • Online

Online Learning Platform:

  • Edx

IELTS Module:

  • IELTS Reading Preparation
  • IELTS Speaking Preparation
  • IELTS Listening Preparation
  • IELTS Writing Preparation

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Benefits of the Free Online IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • The opportunity to clear the IELTS on the first attempt.
  • The opportunity to have learning exposure from IELTS experts.
  • The opportunity to have free access to the IELTS material.

Eligibility Criteria of the Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • Everyone can apply.
  • Individuals with a passion for passing an IELTS can apply.
  • Individuals willing to get high bands on their first attempt at IELTS can apply.

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How to Apply for the Free IELTS Preparation Course 2023:

  • Students have to apply through the official website of Queensland.
  • Register yourself for the IELTS preparation course.
  • Log into the account and complete the required information.
  • Carefully fill in the information.
  • Submit the form with due care.

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Application Deadline:

  • There is no deadline for the University of Queensland IELTS Preparation Course. Apply now and win a chance to pass it with high-scoring bands.





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